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Here's to your Health!

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In this holiday season consider health.  What better way to say "I love you." than to help someone stay healthy.  I am an herbalist entering my 3rd and final level of Apprenticeship.  Over the course of the last year and a half I have been administering time tested Plant Medicine to myself, family and friends. 

There are two plants that have taken center stage, Reishi Mushrooms and Gingko Biloba.  I take them both daily.  Reishi is called the Mushroom of Immortality for it's death defying properties.  It works to modulate the immune system - calming it down in autoimmune diseases or bolstering it to fight off diseases and inflammation like cancer and infection.  It's a magician, seems to work on just about everything.  I've come to call it a Panacea.  It used to be reserved for the Emperors or China and Japan because of its rarity and life sustaining properties.  I ethically harvested the mushrooms in a forest in Pennsylvania and made a double decoction by extracting the properties through both an 8 week alcohol extraction and then a multi hour water extraction.  Then I combined them in a tincture.  Purchase your own health sustaining tincture of Reishi Double Decoction here.  

Gingko is a new tincture that I made for my parents.  My mother is losing her memory and my dad is hard of hearing.  Gingko has been recognized by Chinese and Japanese herbalists to work on supporting your mind and memory.  It also works to restore blood flow to the inner ear to correct tinnitus and hearing loss.  Gingko is the oldest living plant on the planet.  The trees can live upwards of 2000+ years.  It has survived nuclear bombs, meteors, extremes of cold and heat.  It is the only plant that survived the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

I've extracted Gingko and it's companion Rosemary - another brain tonic, with Nettles and Oatstraw by soaking in them in alcohol and by steeping them in a concentrated tea.  Then I combined them.  Find your Gingko and Rosemary tincture here along with other amazing and sensuous body butters, face oils, salves and lip balms.  In these I used plants that smell divine while working to heal and promote healthy skin.  

I use or have used all of my products in my shop, Spiral Herbal Remedies on Etsy.  

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